Why Us?

The legal marketplace has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. And much of this change has disproportionately impacted small law firms. Big firms have grown bigger – adopting powerful technology and platforms to mitigate these changes. Small law firms are often left struggling to keep pace. Market studies show investment in marketing and technology is critical for the growth and survival of small law firms. Small firms that can master these tools are thriving. Those that can’t are finding it harder and costlier to maintain a law practice.

But increasingly large case expenditures, administrative burdens, and uneven revenue streams leave many small law firms floundering. Too many lawyers find themselves funneling their personal, after-tax profits into case expenses, rather than investing in growth and platforms.

That’s where we come in. Unlike traditional lenders, rather than demanding hard assets and collateral, we recognize the unique value of your case portfolio. Unlike most generic online lenders, we match principal repayment to the natural revenue cycle of your law firm. This allows you to stabilize your firm’s cash flow, allowing you to focus on managing your practice. By matching business needs with business loans, you are also better able to take advantage of legal and tax benefits reserved for business entities. Rather than self-funding, you obtain a business-oriented solution that benefits the firm and its clients alike.