Your Funding Options

Practicing law is both a science and an art, and any lawyer can tell you that the practice of law has completely transformed in recent years. New approaches in marketing, technology, and case management can make or break a small firm. To stay on top of these developments, small firms need access to robust and flexible financing.

But small law firms are as different as the attorneys who lead them. We pride ourselves on offering customized, right-sized financing solutions with terms that reflect the business reality of your law practice. We combine our expertise of the market with cutting-edge technology to find a solution that works with your unique circumstances and goals. Our strategy allows us to work with you to efficiently find a product and terms that meet you where you are and help forge a pathway to sustainable growth for the future.


Loans We Offer

Case Portfolio Loan

We understand that your greatest asset lies in the strength of our cases. Unfortunately the timing and value of those cases does not align with the payment terms typically associated with business loans (much less the self-funding options to which lawyers often turn). We work with you to efficiently understand and value your portfolio. Our capital helps you grow your firm by aligning repayment with the timing of your fee collections.

Our flexibility allows us to serve as your ongoing capital partner. Armed with an understanding of your portfolio, we work with you to borrow only what you need, when you need it. Come back for more as your need increases, pay it off when you don’t. No prepayment penalties.


Settled Case Financing

We understand that you sometimes need a fast and flexible alternative to bridge a gap, rather than broader funding tied to your case portfolio. That’s why we offer quick turn-around financing for settled cases. Timing and rates are linked to the nature of the settlement. But the bottom line is a faster resolution to the unique problems you are facing.


Appellate Financing

You’ve won your case. Congratulations. But now you face a lengthy and costly appeal. There are a number of moving factors that go into how best to defend against an appeal. Lack of capital should not be one of them. We provide specialized loans to help firms manage the often lengthy delays.


Credit Lines

We want to reward our clients who demonstrate strong performance over time by offering a more flexible line of credit, at a more competitive rate. This puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to tailor your firm’s needs as you see fit. Go ahead and make that extra marketing push. Or invest in case expenses without the need to tap into your partnership liquidity. Your financial history has earned you greater access and flexibility.


See something that fits your needs?